Cast Resin Transformers Legrand cast resin transformers is distinguished by its high-quality production. Using state-of-the art constructional techniques and equipment and with constant attention throughout the production process (ISO 9001:2000) and a rigorous check in the final phase, guarantees quality for 100% of the production.

  • Rating in series (standard application) : from 100kVA up to 3150 kVA.
  • Rating special (non standard application) : from 1kVA up to 20,000 kVA.
  • Insulation class from 12kV up to 38.5kV


High rating-HR-elbow element + feed unit
SCP-elbow element + feed unit
SCP-feed unit
Super compact SCP-straight element
Zucchini cast resin transformer




Low-Medium Power Busbar & High Power Busbar Low Power Busbar (LB Plus) is the new range of zucchini busbar for the distribution of power from 25A to 63A. With a single product, Zucchini replaces the LB, HL, and SL ranges, offering a busbar that is simpler, better performing, and easier to install. Zucchini medium power busbar (MS / MR) are ideal for power distribution in applications up to 1000A, offering speed, simplicity and flexibility during planning and installation. Both systems ( MS and particularly MR) are perfect solutions for rising mains. Zucchini high power is the ideal solutions for transport & distribution in applications 630A up to 5,000A.


EB-Easy Bar
High lighting
Lighting busway
Mini Sbarra
MR-Medium rating
Serie luce
Trolley system


ALPES Technologies schaffner Legrand TC Contactor CS Electric M Schneider GECO HPL Metering

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