PT. Intraco Indonesia was founded in 2001. Our company is based in Jakarta (Indonesia). Our products (low and high voltage capacitor bank, active/passive filtering, fuses, etc) are sold in Indonesia and other country.

Activity : from electrical network analysis to reactive energy compensation

We analyze, design and sells :

  • Low and high voltage systems for reactive energy compensation and harmonics filtration
  • Electrical network quality analysers

Quality System

Certified ISO 9001 since January 2000, by LRQA company, quality is a major point for the future of Alpes Technologies. Almost 8% of the turnover is dedicated to research and development, in order to satisfy our customers with products in full compliance with the most drastic international standards offering in the same time the best quality-price ratio on the market.

Many innovations since 2000 which protect the original design of our products :

  • Vacuum coating technique for the windings
  • Pressure monitoring devices (for disconnecting the faulthy winding).
  • Internal fuses


ALPES Technologies schaffner Legrand TC Contactor CS Electric M Schneider GECO HPL Metering

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Komplek Mahkota Ancol C/50
JL. R.E. Martadinata, Jakarta 14420 INDONESIA
Phone : (+62-21) 64717528 ; 64717529
  Fax : (+62-21) 64717530

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