Alpivar patented capacitors are totally dry units with no impregnation or insulation liquid. They are designed by assembling individual single-phase coils, coupled in a delta arrangement to obtain a three-phase unit.

The coils are produced from two film of polypropylene with zinc plating on one side :

  • The metal plating forms the electrode
  • The polypropylene film form the insulator

All coils are then coated under vacuum into self-extinguishing thermoset polyurethane resin which forms the casing, providing mechanical and electrical protections.

ALPES TECHNOLOGIES unique vacuum potting technique ensures that Alpivar capacitors have excellent resistance over time and much longer service life than conventional units.

Vacuum potting ensures that no air or humidity remains close to the coils after coating. This design provides excellent resistance to overvoltages and partial discharges.

Furthermore, the unit complies fully with environmental protection requirements (no PCB), No insulation or impregnation liquid is used in the Alpivar capacitor.


Monobloc or Modular, Alpivar capacitors meet all user requirements. The modular version in particular can be quickly and easily assembled to produce units with various power ratings, enabling integrators and distributors to make significant savings on storage costs.


The compact format simplifies installation and significantly reduces cubicle or rack cost. The casing is particularly resistant to all solvents and atmospheric agents (rain, sun, salty air, etc).

Alpivar capacitors are thus particularly suitable for installations :

  • Outdoors (on poles)
  • in a corrosive atmosphere


  • The terminal blocks are easily accessible on the top of the unit, making Alpivar capacitors particularly easy to connect
  • The use of socket type teminals enables cable and eye connections to be made directly to the unit's various ranges
  • Alpivar capacitors are double insulated or class 2 units, which do not need earthing.


alpivar low voltage capacitor alpivar low voltage capacitor alpivar low voltage capacitor

Alpivar² capacitors meet all user requirements :

Compact form making it easy to install
This form reduces thes costs of cabinets and racks.
The casing is particulary resistant to all solvents and atmospheric agents.
The Alpivar² capacitor is ideal for installations :

  • In corrosive atmospheres
  • Outdoor use

Summary of technical characteristics

  • Double insulation or class 2 : no earthing needed, provides total safety for personnel.
  • Totally dry (no added oil) : no risk of leakage or fire, may be installed in all positions.
  • Self-extinguishing polyurethane resin casing : highly robust, compact, non-corrosive, outdoor installation possible on request.
  • Monobloc or modular : with copper connections between the various elements (risk of corrosion, loosening or overheating totally eliminated).
  • Coils coated under vacuum (specific to Alpivar) : the absence of air and humidity around the coils guarantees Alpivar's high quality.
  • Internal electrical protection for each coil using :
    - self-healing metallized polypropylene film
    - electrical fuse
    - over pressure disconnecting device

Technical specifications :

  • Discharge resistors
    Fitted inside (except by special request), these discharge the unit in accordance with current standards (discharge time, 3 minutes)

  • Loss factor
    Alpivar2 capacitors have a loss factor of less than 0.1 x 10-3 This value leads to a power consumption of less than 0.3 W per kVAr, including the discharge resistors.

  • Capacitance
    Tolerance on the capacitance value : + 5%
    Our manufacturing process, which avoids any inclusion of air in the coils, ensures excellent stability of the capacitance throughout the service life of the Alpivar2 capacitor.

  • Max. permissible voltage : 1.18 Un rated

  • Max. permissible current :
    • Standard type : 1.3 In
    • H type : 1.5 In

  • Insulation class
    • Withstand at 50 Hz for 1 min : 6 kV
    • 1.2/50 μs impulse withstand : 25 kV

  • Standards
    Alpivar2 capacitors comply with :
    • French standard: NF C 54 108 and 109
    • European standard: EN 60831-1 and 2
    • International standard: IEC 60831-1 and 2
    • Canadian standard: CSA 22-2 No. 190
    • End of life performance tests performed successfully in EDF and LCIE laboratories

  • Temperature class
    Alpivar2 capacitors are designed for a standard temperature class -25/+55°C
    • Maximum temperature : 55°C
    • Average over 24 hours : 45°C
    • Annual average : 35°C
    • Other temperature classes on request

Standart Type :


H Type or Duty Type :




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