Fuse Pullers

NH- fuse handles are in accordance with the stanadards of EN 60.269 and VDE 0680 part 4/DIN 43.620. They are used to insert and remove NH-fuse links and solid links of sizes 00, 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4. These fuse links are in accordance with DIN 43620/1 and are used in NH-fuse bases.

The NH-fuse handles were tested according to VDE 0680 part 4 and are suitable for voltages up to 1000V. The NH-fuse handles carry the GS - sign (tested safety) of th VDE - testing institute in Offenbach/Germany.

Features Benefit

  • shandles with or without fire proof arm protection
  • wide hand protection
  • large opening for gripping
  • resistant synthetic material
  • corrosion resistant metal parts
  • arm protection = leather cuff


  • NH-fuse handles are used to insert and remove NH-fuse links and solid links of sizes 00 up to 4 from NH-fuse bases
  • When used in accordance with the relevant operating instructions it is possible to insert and remove both fuse links and solid links under load condition
  • The special label in accordance with VDE 0680 - stamp: „1000V“ on the handle enables the user to know that the handle may also be used for live operations in systems up to 1000V



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