Solar street lamps use high-effect monocrystalline silicon or polycrystalline silicon solar modules for power supply, The electricity is stored in high-efficiency, sealed and maintenance - free battery.

The advanced automatic controller (inverter) specially used for solar street lamps, high-effect lighting source (high-effect energy-saving lamps, high and low voltage sodium lamp, metal halogen lamp, electrodeless lamp or LED),and over striking and thickening special lamp posts put together make the street lamps function as light control and time control. In the daytime they automatically charges and at night they will give light on their own.

Solar street lamps are characte rized by energy-saving and environmental protection, easy installation, no need of construction an d laying of cables, no need of charges, reliable low-voltage power supply and long service life (solar batter can serve for 20-25 areas, on sunny days, charging for one day may last for 5-10 da ys.

There lamps may be widely used for lighting in squares, urban streets, housing estates, parks and scenic, urban and rural roads and factory areas.


Download : Solar Street Lighting(GECO)


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